Genealogy Research

Family research for private persons

Are you interested in the history of your family in general? You don’t just want the names and dates for your family; you want to know who they really were? I can tell you about their professions, life circumstances, social situations and fates. I will embed your family history into its historical, epochal context.
Let me look into your family history!


Family research for genealogists

Are you a professional genealogist and do you need help researching certain certificates and data?

I would be very pleased to acquire the relevant documents and data for you. Primarily from northern Germany, but also across Germany.


A summary of my services

  • Certificates (for your family members): birth certificates, christening certificates, marriage and death certificates
  • Civil register information, tax and voting file, historical (municipal) photos, maps
  • Preparation of all data with family tree and family history


Let your family history become my challenge!

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