About me

I am a historian and I can always rely on my ‘toolbox’.

Family history is fascinating and exciting. Sometimes difficult and also sad. But it is always part of the whole. The task that drives me is determining family history, archiving it and ideally being able to carry it forward for the future.

My many years of experience in professional probate research have not only been a fascinating task for me as a historian with a focus on contemporary history, but also my passion. Using the tools of the historian to find legal heirs is a responsible and worthwhile job in many ways.

My extensive knowledge of both social and economic history and of shipping history help me in equal parts. I have also been using the ‘oral history’ method very successfully in my research for many years. The aim is not only to record content but also to understand the people who have something to say. Precision and speed are just as much part of my profession as a certain curiosity, trust in one’s own ability and a healthy portion of investigative spirit. And my gut instinct is certainly also helpful in certain cases.